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Imagine and Practice for Success

So you’ve done lots of exploration, but the rubber has to hit the road at some point if you are to move forward in your life. Even if you think you have made the decision – there may be many ways to roll it out. It is important to imagine and practice to ensure success. Taking action means considering the practical and possible barriers to implementation. So the following questions need to be addressed.

Resources & Influences

What resources will you need? Financial, Emotional, Social, Time, Space. Make a plan on how to obtain all that you will need to move forward.

Who will be affected by this decision? We live in webs of interpersonal connection – Hopefully, any person who is going to be majorly affected will be part of making the decision, as much as possible.

How will other’s needs/fears/concerns be addressed? Where is the line between what you are responsible for addressing and what others or the person him/herself must address.

Imagine Success

In your mind’s eye, roll out the decision as you have planned. Notice any internal or external barriers that might present themselves. Make a plan to address those too.

Set Up Your Support Network

Who believes in your ability to do this? Who will have your back? Whose shoulder can you cry on? Who can help with the practical, if not the emotional stuff? It is hard to make difficult decisions and stick to them if we don’t have support. There is emotional and practical support. Let people know what you need and ask their permission if you are afraid of burdening others. Some people are good advocates, some are good for laughs, and some to get other things done.

Implement the Plan

Then it is up to you to take action – otherwise you not be in charge of the change.


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