"Relationships are the foundation

of life"

Avery Counselling
Meet Charlaine Avery


I have been a counsellor since 1994, working with adults, youth and children - individually, as couples, in families and groups.  


I have been a manager, clinical director, and quality assurance consultant for counselling services....

"We communicate so we can share our experiences and make emotional connections to one another."

Relationships validate our need for intimacy and understanding. They can be rewarding, challenging and one of the hardest things we do every day. Sometimes we feel disconnected in relationships within ourselves, our loved ones, or the world at large.


We are confronted with many obstacles - life-changing choices, uncomfortable feelings, inner and outer conflict, wanting someone else to change - this can all be overwhelming.

As your Relationship & Individual Counselor, I support you in your process of discovery to help you create emotional, mental & physical well being in order to have connected relationships based on understanding & acceptance.

I welcome you to explore this website at your own leisure, and encourage you to comment, ask questions or give me a call.

~ Charlaine Avery  M.ED

    Registered Clinical Counsellor